Weekly Words ~ Express a Zealous Veracity of Transmundane Arcanum Through Higher Divination!

Arcanum [ahr-key-nuhm] (noun)

Plural – ar•ca•na [ahr-key-nuh] Arcanum Genie Lamp Serving Tray
  1. Often arcana. A secret; mystery.
  2. A supposed great secret of nature that the alchemists sought to discover.
  3. A secret & powerful remedy.

Mantic [man-tik] (adjective)

Mantic Prophetic Fortune Teller
  1. Of or relating to divination
  2. Having the power of divination
  3. Prophetic

Transmundane [trans-muhn-deyn] (adjective)

Transmundane Meditating Man
  1. Reaching beyond or existing outside in the physical or visible world.

Veracity [vuh-ras-i-tee] (noun)

Plural – ve•rac•i•ties Veracity Truthful Eye
  1. Habitual observance of truth in speech or statement; truthfulness: He was not noted for his veracity.
  2. Conformity to truth or fact; accuracy: To question the veracity of his account.
  3. Correctness or accuracy, as of the senses or of a scientific instrument.
  4. Something veracious; a truth.
  5. Power of conveying or perceiving truth.

Zeal [zeel] (noun)

Zeal Warm Hearted Feelings Eagerness Man
  1. great warmth and earnestness of feeling:to speak with great fervor.
  2. intense heat.
  3. eagerness and ardent interest in pursuit of something : FERVOR

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