Thanks Goddess Gaia Mother Earth for Your Loving Powerful Presence & Healthy Nourishment!

Give Thanks & Appreciation for Mother Earth & All She Provide Us! Her Water, Soil, Sun & Air! The Fruit we consume which helps us live life & express our heart’s passions! This Playground of Possibility for her Children to Learn, Grow & Expand their Consciousness! Treat her with Great Respect & Keep her Clean by Taking Care of the Environment! Love Your Neighbors & Express Peace & Positivity towards each other! Live in a harmonious state of kind-hearted emotions that help this world become a better place! Be Grateful You’re Alive & wake up each day with enthusiastic intentions to create a meaningfully empowered life that helps you to develop your dreams while serving others! Live in a healthy balanced relationship with nature & the Universe by remembering to give and take equally. Letting go of egoistic materialistic patterns of Greed & Selfishness while becoming more generous while living your purpose! Give back to the World with your Expressions of Love & Intelligent Thoughts that Positively Change the Perspective of the Planet!

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