Smoking the Devil’s Weed & Using Your Own Breath of Life!

Have you been habitually using marijuana to feel high or run away from your issues? Has it been a crutch for your consciousness? Consistently smoking weed every day can have detrimental effects on your health & attitude about life. It can also drain you of your precious resources, having to spend your money on getting high rather than using that money to invest in your future. Often weed can lead to insecurities or self-doubts about who you are and make you feel lazy & lower. Limiting your use or quitting altogether can really improve your productivity & passion for life. Living on your own oxygen supply of life force energy can really help you to start tapping into your higher self. Begin making changes that are helping you move in the right direction with your goals & dreams. Focus on your own soul’s energy & grow your spirit with love & positivity!

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