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Graphic Design

If you’re looking for some magical media that captures leads then we have some great web graphic services for your personal or professional endeavors! whether you need social media branding, web advertisements, or video overlay graphics we have the innovative concepts to produce immediate improvements to your views and sales!
Logo Design

Logo Design

Reinvigorate your brand with new Logo Design that is sure to captivate peoples attention! The Logo is the face of your business and we will help you represent your image wether it’s classy, childlike, or creative field.

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Print Design

A powerful presence is important & the logo is the face of your brand! We’ll work with you to create a crisp clean logo that connects with your customers! We also offer print media and will create designs that capture peoples attention & gets them curious about your business!
  • Business Cards & Banners
  • Brochures & Fliers
  • Much More!
Social Media Graphics Ads

Social Media Graphics

Speak out loud with some social media graphics now!  In this crowded social media space we will help you clearly stand out! Buy one of our packages to help get you started sharing your brand across the web!

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Web Design

We will work together to brainstorm a remarkable unique web design that serves your customers eye pleasing elements that ultimately keeps them on your site. We’ll create an extraordinary header, footer, intuitive navigation and distinctive branding that people will positively associate with on an emotional level. We’re here to make sure that your online presence is in alignment with your vision and that you will be sensationally satisfied with the amazing results you receive!
Branding Suite Package


Represent your business brand in various forms through branding suite package that will surely help you convey your professionalism & be attractive to your customers.

Business Cards

Leo Mystic Business Card

Connect with others by sharing your business card while networking or help people to discover your business when not around by having a high quality business card you can leave around at places of business.


LeoMystic Sticker

Market yourself with a cool sticker which you can give out for free to potential customers who can keep marking your brand even when your not around.

Album Art

Album Artwork
Allow us to create an Amazing Album cover for your new release! We will work with you to captivate the sound and style of your musical style through the form of a high quality art piece that embodies your soul.

Book Covers

Book Covers
Grab Attention at the bookshelves with an incredibly intelligent image that will convey the core message of the book you’ve written. We will create something truly captivating & clever!


Colorful Banners
Become more visbile with a large scale banner to bring more awareness to your business!


Signs Posters Banners
Capture views with an incredible concert poster or teach your students with a custom educational diagram.


Spirit Spa Brochure
Tell people about your products & services with an attractive flyer that will help your customers understand what you sell.


T Shirt Designs
In need of a fantastic fabric design!? We will help you design any clothing item whether you need a T-Shirt, Yoga Leggings, Hoodie, Hat or More! We got you covered with our Apparel Aesthetics!


Packaging Designs
Get noticed on the shelves with a bold & bright packaging design that will stand out from the crowd!


Commission Art Prices

Magical Murals & Commission Art

Artist Painting Canvas Icon 1 Murals are a fantastic way of capturing attention! Attract people to your place with a unique image painted on the side of your building or interior wall! This is a sure fire way to immediately get people actively talking about you or your brand which will result in more business! Hire myself to create a custom piece of art that you envision having or give me a general idea of what you are looking for and allow myself to get creative and wild with your ideas!

Art Lessons

Art Lessons Hand Supplies Icon Develop your artistic skills with my passionate painting lessons in private! I will cover techniques as well as concepts to get you producing those next level paintings that people will be amazed to look at! Learn to flow and let go with my unique approach to living in the moment. Art is a spiritual experience and I bring that energy of divine into my classes.
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