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I created this 11×13 inch piece using colored pencils on a small black mat board. I randomly drew abstract shapes that when finished conveyed the depiction of a mother giving birth. I noticed a woman on the left holding her newborn child with a river flowing from her leading to an orange eye with a green pupil which represents the newfound awareness. Below the eye, you’ll see a finger with some red blood representing the person who delivered the child. On the woman’s left hand there’s a beastly creature that embodies the pain she had to go through during birth. On the right-hand side of the image, there is a turtle personifying the child poking its head out as well as a dinosaur creature for the pain as well. Lastly, at the top left, there is a little sperm which is what started the whole process of fertilization and the creation of this beautiful new life form. A great piece to give to any current or expecting mother!

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Lovely mom with her child in arm from which a flowing birth canal river of awareness was found. The turtle popping it’s head out and saying hello, this new life of love is now.


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