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After I got out of my 5-year long depression I visited my brother in Buffalo New York during July 2016. Both of us were supposed to go to NYC for NYC Body Painting Day. We didn’t have enough money to get there though so the event planner refunded us a ticket and I took a one-way bus ticket there and had literally no funds to get back and 2 weeks to make it before my plane ticket back to Phoenix from Buffalo. After the body painting day event was done I held up a sign saying artist looking for a place to stay for 2 weeks and I was able to stay in Brooklyn for free! While I was waiting outside of his apartment one day for him to come home, one of the tenants across the street saw my art and came over and invited me to her house the next day which she gave me this canvas for free! I painted this fantastic abstract image and found a head on the top right overlooking everything. There’s a magma flow running through it as well as some sea creatures and alien life forms. I was selling small art for the two weeks I was there and making some money but not enough to get what I needed to get the bus back to Buffalo. Then about 4 days before I had to go I was talking to this homeless guy about being free and I stood up on this wall and yelled to this crowd of people at the intersection that I love New York! That’s when an investment banker came over and bought my piece for nearly $200! I made it! that last few days I was there was just having a good time and enjoying myself.
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Being the observer into the lavish lava flows of love you’ll find the heartwarming heat that’ll rise to your eyes & see the friends come to mind!


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