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I created this with spray paint and acrylic markers on 32×32 inch canvas. It’s titled Atomic Sun for the fact that it looks like an electric sun but also a microscopic atom with protons and electrons flying around it! This represents the physical universe and material objects. You’ll see a Buddha looking figure at the bottom with a yellow outline with a round void inside. The head (Or Sun) looks like its trying to detach itself from the body and is always trying to fill that void with physical things but you’ll notice that the red orb is perfectly aligned with the body, which represents the heart and spiritual nature detaching itself from the physical wants and filling that void with love, spirituality, and oneness with the divine creator.
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The voyager with the void seeks to fill its space with the physical mundane atom matter. Separating from the body the head finally detaches from earthly desires and lives with soothing spiritual fire!


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