These foundational beliefs & goals found throughout represent the core essence of my soul & what I envision myself becoming more of with daily practice. You’ll read about my Life Vision & what I choose to design my life to look like. Next you’ll discover my Life Purpose or “Mission” & why I’m incarnated here on planet Earth to serve souls my positive perspective. I reveal my Morals, Values & Feelings on life which saturate my soul with sound vibrations of manifesting magic. I list my strengths & areas to improve upon in life so I know where to focus my efforts on becoming a better being. You’ll learn about my “Zone of Genius” & primary focus of talent generation. Finally you will read about the goals I’ve created for myself this year & for future ones I will experience on this adventure of life. Thank you immensely for taking the time out of your day to learn about who I am & what I’m progressively creating for this magnificent wondrous world!

LIFE VISION “What” ~ Infinite Imagination Illuminating Lives

I experience a life of willpower & learning with authentic fun-loving creative souls. I’m an artist empowering people to live, love & laugh enthusiastically by virtue of my soul expanding art & music which heals. I’m a thoughtful poet reading enlightened knowledge to learn while also writing to manifest & share wisdom daily. I Live a spiritual lifestyle of yoga, meditation & visualization which creates more clarity of my body, mind, & soul. I’m a musician vocalizing great ideas & recording videos daily to inspire others to live a more meaningful loving existence of enthusiasm & creative expressions. I design valuable events to help people personally development their lives & spiritually evolve with love. I’m talented in my abilities to market my ideas, make massive sales & earn enormous amounts of revenue. I Live a healthy strong lifestyle exercising daily with vigorous energy levels by receiving superior rest each night. I develop meaningful heartfelt relationships that are about love & adventurous exploration of our experiences. I demonstrate adaptability, agility & vigilance to keep mindful of my surroundings & the people involved in my life. I’m Impacting & Improving lives while fulfilling my purpose as a healer creating spiritual products & services that helps people grow & expand their awareness of divine love, respect & understanding that we are a healthy environment of peaceful positive growth. I’m a financially free philanthropist living in prosperous eternal abundance as a force for good creating anything I choose to have in my life. I love the idea of being with a companion who is my sexy spiritual soulmate who I lovingly adore & who deeply loves my heart & soul. Living a lifestyle of total freedom growing great magical experiences of exploration together traveling the open world, enjoying nature & hanging out with healthy honest friends who love us. I create deep meaningful friendships with supportive successful leaders & gracious givers sharing this experience of life. I am constantly learning & expanding my mindful spirit by attending educational events, reading books, & engaging with coaches & courses increasing my positive progress in all areas of my life. I exercise my healthy athletic body to remain fit with vitality, stamina & abundance of positive flowing energy while being a master of my emotions to choose how I feel in any experience through my own thoughts. I have a meaningful purpose in life that helps people grow more loving, happier & fulfilled. I have great gratitude, living for adventure & aliveness having a deep everlasting spiritual connection to love by living my truth. I live & work in healthy environments that promote positive vibrations of love & respect, helping me spiritually evolve to higher realms of conscious awareness while connecting to amazing souls developing heartfelt relationships!

LIFE PURPOSE “Why” ~ Taking Action is Easy & Effortless!

My purpose for being here on this planet is to live a lifestyle of thoughtful meaning & extraordinary experiences that brings happiness & friendships who love my presence & help me grow as a soul! I love being a part of a heartfelt spiritual community of elevating friends who help support each others visions to become their best positive loving version. People who care about helping cleanup environments to become healthier, happier & positive, living in peaceful places where people are powerful, passionately persistent, patient & pure of heart. To live with the companionship of a beautiful goddess soulmate & our children exploring reality with curiosity & astonishment. Waking up each morning with zeal in my soul to grow my knowledge & skills to give back to the world great innovations & positive paradigms. I Intelligently create a life of expansion of evolutionary ideas that serves humanity healthy conscious awareness of our divine nature & interconnectedness, helping people set goals & create the life of their dreams. I have a billionaire mindset of influence developing my skills & sharing loving service to the world. Organizing generous events where I speak to huge groups of people about truth, love & respect. Creating a magazine that touches people’s souls & changes their hearts to become more caring towards all living creatures. Being a profound spiritual teacher awakening society on a globally grand scale bringing forth peaceful positive change & conscious awareness through respect, honesty, goodwill, grace & kindness that I know exists in the world. I’m elevating my spiritual awareness by reprogramming my subconscious behaviors to be in alignment with my higher nature to become enlightened & aware of my multidimensional self. To be the loving light & illuminate the world with my glorious gratitude for life. To be an example to those around me & seeing that so many love me. I’m an amazing artist living a lifestyle that produces incredible works of art which inspires others to be more gracious, forgiving & kind to celestial beings. Having a sense of purpose & fulfilling my life with great opportunities that cause me to be financially free & travel the globe. I’m creating a worldwide company Quit Drinks that reaches lives to help people live healthier lifestyles. Having a clean emotional, physical & spiritual body that is in harmony with health & honoring my right to live. Feeling more physically fit & energized seeing how strong & determined I am while living healthy over 100 years old in my dream homes. Life is meant to be lived & experienced. To make meaningful change for those who are ready for exceptional improvement. To live a meaningful & purposeful life actualizing my goals while elevating my consciousness & personal power, showing self respect & honoring the holy light of creation being a strong spiritual example that others witness is possible in themselves. I’m a proud participator of the planet giving greatness for generations to come, a leader leaving a legacy of love that inspires the world.Because my life will be about how many lives I’ve influenced & improved. Experiencing the adventure of becoming more impressive through diligence, dedication & discipline. Creating authentic satisfying stories that shine light on imagination & the possibilities of the human spirit. Enthusiastic about my life being a role model & a force for good being remembered for my contributions & creativity of life. Being beautiful & living with absolute jubilance!


  • To be Understanding, Inquisitive, Intentional, & Living with Integrity
  • To Live Energetically & Enthusiastic with Competence & Confidence
  • To be Optimistically Motivated, Self Disciplined, Brave & Magical
  • Socially Communicative Artist with Creative Consciousness
  • Living Peacefully Minimalistic, Healthy, Honest & Strong
  • Responsible & Accomplishing Tasks through Excellence
  • Respectful, Unassuming & Open to New Perspectives
  • Living from my Heart & Loving Others
  • I’m Accepted & Respected


  • Optimism & Creation ~ I except the best & put great effort into achieving excellent success with all I choose to manifest in life.
  • Humor & Playful ~ I’m lighthearted, love to laugh & bring joyful smiles to people faces.
  • Curiosity & Interest ~ I always question things & love to discover interesting information.
  • Observational ~ I admire beauty & excellence in life, taking time to witness the magic.
  • Love & Be Loved ~ I value relationships in which sharing & caring are harmonious.

Areas I’m Improving

  • Discernment, Critical Thinking & Open-Mindedness ~ I think in detail & examine various perspectives evaluating with rational & intuitive evidence to make clear conscious decisions. I am able to change my mind when new information occurs in life.
  • Self-Control & Regulation ~ I take charge of my life to regulate what I feel & do. I am self disciplined & in control of my thoughts, appetites & emotions.
  • Diligence & Perseverance ~ I work hard to finish what I start & I get things done according to schedule. I take satisfaction in being focused & completing tasks.

ZONE OF GENIUS ~ Muscian Artist Painter

  • Mastery by Year 2030 ~ Ability to Critically Think & Communicate Effectively.
  • Why?~ To become a more Thoughtful Intelligent Creator of Reality.
  • How? ~ I will increase my studies & learn daily. Apply what I learn, speak more intentions & question reality.
  • Rewards ~ Satisfaction of increased intelligence, More control over my experiences & directing myself to places of positivity.

#1 GOAL – Practice Painting / Guitar

WHY? To create clarity & confidence while sharing positive ideas with the world.

Important Action Steps

  • Make it easy to access the Paint & Guitar
  • Set Block Times Each Day, Early Morning
  • Learn New Skills via YouTube
  • Share Creativity with Others
  • Use Pomodoro Timers
  • Create Rewards

TOP 10 GOALS for 2019 – How?

  • I consistently create videos for Youtube weekly
  • I love learning & writing articles for my blog daily
  • I create art & learn new skills from YouTube daily
  • I practice playing guitar & learn new skills daily
  • I love hosting art classes & individual lessons
  • I love selling art, going door to door consistently
  • I lead a respectful sales team who sells visionary artwork
  • I’m the leading editor of Mentalist Manifesto Magazine
  • I’m an author of a profound personal empowerment book
  • I’m an events designer producing conscious spiritual events & seminars


If I could only do one thing on this list, what would be the most important? If I could do one other task on this list, which one would be the most valuable use of my time? Keep track of progress and make adjustments along the way

  1. I live with a gorgeous girlfriend who genuinely loves my heart, mind & soul!
  2. I own QuitDrinks which helps people quit alcohol.
  3. I love hosting homelessarts.net events to help them heal, learn & create art making billions in revenue.
  4. I love owning a large modern van traveling the globe performing my arts
  5. I own a fashion line of products using visionary art from artists & myself.
  6. I learn from super intelligent mentors who teach me about business, art & spiritual enlightenment.
  7. I live in a large lovely home where I positively create conscious habits that enlighten my spirit.
  8. I’m a vibrant vlogger creating insightful videos & livesteams.
  9. I profoundly engineer CruxMagic.com to help people live more spiritual loving lifestyles.
  10. I’m rooting through reading everyday absorbing nutritional knowledge.
  11. I’m wizardry worthy everyday when I write wordy. Moments of Manifesto Magic!
  12. I write intelligent compositions and memorize them to share with the world weekly.
  13. I participate in online & physical courses to expand my mind.
  14. I show my art around the world & do live performance painting.
  15. I draw daily in my sketch pad to elevate my skills. 16. I’m a photographer who captures artistic experiences.
  16. I exercise my voice & sing daily to influence the world with positive thoughts.
  17. I design juicy jewelry with creative crystal wraps.
  18. I always set intentions for activities I engage in.
  19. I meditate daily & use my imagination to visualize my optimal life now. (Before Every Task Quick Visual Completed)
  20. I use my vision boards & maintain them daily.
  21. I create affirmation triggers for repetitive tasks.
  22. I breathe yoga daily focusing on my chakras & spiritual lifestyle – find 30 day yoga plan, stick to it.
  23. I set deadlines for projects & goals so I stay focused on accomplishing them.
  24. I love smiling to appreciate the moment every day with gratitude.
  25. I’m always generating motivation & enduring self discipline.
  26. I exercise my 20/20 eyes to have clear vision.
  27. I always receive good rest to wake up early, exercise & dance to live fit & energized daily.
  28. I eat the healthiest fruits, vegetables & foods that are spiritually energizing & enlightening.
  29. I always brush my teeth & maintain a healthy hygienic self image.
  30. I am a highly active, intelligent, inquisitive & thoughtful mind
  31. I always ask critical questions about my behaviors & feelings.
  32. I’m highly mindful & intuitive being, emotionally connected to souls, compassionate & forgiving.
  33. I’m a proactive producer persisting my ideas effectively through the habit of now.
  34. I solve problems creatively clear conscious contemplation.
  35. I’m a master marketer communicating on social media daily.
  36. I’m considerate with customers & commissions *always following up*.
  37. I’m a wealthy billionaire that manages money wisely.
  38. I connect with people to meetup & develop meaningful relationships of love & value.
  39. I have wise intelligent enthusiastic friends who love me & support my creative vision.
  40. I collaborate with communities sharing helpful conscious wisdom.
  41. I love attending seminars & networking events to connect with humanity, learn & share my views.
  42. I love my meetup group for art & personal development.
  43. I love to volunteer for causes I feel connected with to give back.
  44. I love to donate money to charities that I feel are spiritually sound.
  45. I’m an environmental activist helping the planet evolve.
  46. I own a pure health conscious food store chain.
  47. I love owning a brand of spiritual recreational healing art centers.
  48. I own a super intelligent graphic design firm that is known for quality world wide.
  49. I love owning the best quality print shop for art, stickers, pins, buttons & accessories in the world.
  50. I am grateful for giving over 10,000,000 enchroma glasses to colorblind people for free.
  51. I am a world leader participating in this enlightened revival of loving respect.
  52. I am a world renowned speaker of love, personal empowerment & service to others.
  53. I am in the public eye & respected as an intelligent speaker of consciousness.
  54. I host collaborative art events with friends in my yurt at music festivals & more.
  55. I own the best brand for music festivals around the world.
  56. I love visiting foreign places like India, Japan, Egypt, Australia, Hawaii, Rome & More!
  57. I love having a loving family with beautiful kids that we homeschool.
  58. I love owning the latest & best model of macbook pro.
  59. I love having over 25,000,000 youtube subscribers.
  60. I created a #1 hit record selling over 10,000,000 copies 63. I love to learn new languages.


CHANNEL PLAN – DEFINE YOUR CHANNEL What’s your channels vibe? What’s your channels v specific purpose? Who are your ideal subscribers? Who are your people?
(Refer to Channel Notes ‘Create your Ideal Subscriber’ post) What makes your channel individual / stand out? CHANNEL STANDARDS What kind of videos do you make? What will your first 3 videos be? What does your schedule look like? -How often do you upload? -When do you upload? -How do you schedule your videos? Preperation What tech stuff do you need to get started? What do you need / want to learn to make your channel super great? CHANNEL GOALS What are your 1 year channel goals? What are your 3 month channel goals? (working towards your 1 year goals) What small steps do you need to take to achieve your three month goals? CHANNEL STYLE What is your channels aesthetic / style?
(Refer to Channel Notes ‘Channel style guide’ post) OTHER PLAYERS List three youtube channels similar to yours. List three things each of these channels do really well. Channel #1 Channel #2 Channel #3 List three things each of these channels could do better. Channel #1 Channel #2 Channel #3 PROMOTION List the main ways that people are going to find your channel / videos SUCCESS How are you going to measure your channel’s success?
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