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These foundational beliefs & goals found throughout represent the core essence of my soul & what I envision myself becoming more of with daily practice. You’ll read about my Life Vision & what I choose to design my life to look like. Next you’ll discover my Life Purpose or “Mission” & why I’m incarnated here on planet Earth to serve souls my positive perspective. I reveal my Morals, Values & Feelings on life which saturate my soul with sound vibrations of manifesting magic. I list my strengths & areas to improve upon in life so I know where to focus my efforts on becoming a better being. You’ll learn about my “Zone of Genius” & primary focus of talent generation. Finally you will read about the goals I’ve created for myself this year & for future ones I will experience on this adventure of life. Calming Prayer Hands Tree Leafs Artwork Thank you immensely for taking the time out of your day to learn about who I am & what I’m progressively creating for this magnificent wondrous world!

LIFE VISION “What” ~ Infinite Imagination Illuminating Lives

Hamsa Of God Flower Of Life I experience a life of willpower & learning with authentic fun-loving creative souls. I’m an artist empowering people to live, love & laugh enthusiastically by virtue of my soul expanding art & music which heals. I’m a thoughtful poet reading enlightened knowledge to learn while also writing to manifest & share wisdom daily. I Live a spiritual lifestyle of yoga, meditation & visualization which creates more clarity of my body, mind, & soul. I’m a musician vocalizing great ideas & recording videos daily to inspire others to live a more meaningful loving existence of enthusiasm & creative expressions. Alchemy Potion Light Bulb Idea Cloud I design valuable events to help people personally development their lives & spiritually evolve with love. I’m talented in my abilities to market my ideas, make massive sales & earn enormous amounts of revenue. I Live a healthy strong lifestyle exercising daily with vigorous energy levels by receiving superior rest each night. I develop meaningful heartfelt relationships that are about love & adventurous exploration of our experiences. I demonstrate adaptability, agility & vigilance to keep mindful of my surroundings & the people involved in my life. I’m Impacting & Improving lives while fulfilling my purpose as a healer creating spiritual products & services that helps people grow & expand their awareness of divine love, respect & understanding that we are a healthy environment of peaceful positive growth. I’m a financially free philanthropist living in prosperous eternal abundance as a force for good creating anything I choose to have in my life. I love the idea of being with a companion who is my sexy spiritual soulmate who I lovingly adore & who deeply loves my heart & soul. Living a lifestyle of total freedom growing great magical experiences of exploration together traveling the open world, enjoying nature & hanging out with healthy honest friends who love us. I create deep meaningful friendships with supportive successful leaders & gracious givers sharing this experience of life. I am constantly learning & expanding my mindful spirit by attending educational events, reading books, & engaging with coaches & courses increasing my positive progress in all areas of my life. I exercise my healthy athletic body to remain fit with vitality, stamina & abundance of positive flowing energy while being a master of my emotions to choose how I feel in any experience through my own thoughts. I have a meaningful purpose in life that helps people grow more loving, happier & fulfilled. I have great gratitude, living for adventure & aliveness having a deep everlasting spiritual connection to love by living my truth. I live & work in healthy environments that promote positive vibrations of love & respect, helping me spiritually evolve to higher realms of conscious awareness while connecting to amazing souls developing heartfelt relationships!

LIFE PURPOSE “Why” ~ Taking Action is Easy & Effortless!

Why Question Light Bulb Maze My purpose for being here on this planet is to live a lifestyle of thoughtful meaning & extraordinary experiences that brings happiness & friendships who love my presence & help me grow as a soul! I love being a part of a heartfelt spiritual community of elevating friends who help support each others visions to become their best positive loving version. People who care about helping cleanup environments to become healthier, happier & positive, living in peaceful places where people are powerful, passionately persistent, patient & pure of heart. To live with the companionship of a beautiful goddess soulmate & our children exploring reality with curiosity & astonishment. Waking up each morning with zeal in my soul to grow my knowledge & skills to give back to the world great innovations & positive paradigms. I Intelligently create a life of expansion of evolutionary ideas that serves humanity healthy conscious awareness of our divine nature & interconnectedness, helping people set goals & create the life of their dreams. I have a billionaire mindset of influence developing my skills & sharing loving service to the world. Organizing generous events where I speak to huge groups of people about truth, love & respect. Creating a magazine that touches people’s souls & changes their hearts to become more caring towards all living creatures. Being a profound spiritual teacher awakening society on a globally grand scale bringing forth peaceful positive change & conscious awareness through respect, honesty, goodwill, grace & kindness that I know exists in the world. Rainbow Watercolor Continents World Map I’m elevating my spiritual awareness by reprogramming my subconscious behaviors to be in alignment with my higher nature to become enlightened & aware of my multidimensional self. To be the loving light & illuminate the world with my glorious gratitude for life. To be an example to those around me & seeing that so many love me. I’m an amazing artist living a lifestyle that produces incredible works of art which inspires others to be more gracious, forgiving & kind to celestial beings. Having a sense of purpose & fulfilling my life with great opportunities that cause me to be financially free & travel the globe. I’m creating a worldwide company Quit Drinks that reaches lives to help people live healthier lifestyles. Having a clean emotional, physical & spiritual body that is in harmony with health & honoring my right to live. Feeling more physically fit & energized seeing how strong & determined I am while living healthy over 100 years old in my dream homes. Life is meant to be lived & experienced. To make meaningful change for those who are ready for exceptional improvement. To live a meaningful & purposeful life actualizing my goals while elevating my consciousness & personal power, showing self respect & honoring the holy light of creation being a strong spiritual example that others witness is possible in themselves. I’m a proud participator of the planet giving greatness for generations to come, a leader leaving a legacy of love that inspires the world.Because my life will be about how many lives I’ve influenced & improved. Experiencing the adventure of becoming more impressive through diligence, dedication & discipline. Creating authentic satisfying stories that shine light on imagination & the possibilities of the human spirit. Enthusiastic about my life being a role model & a force for good being remembered for my contributions & creativity of life. Being beautiful & living with absolute jubilance!

Morals Values Feelings Pyramid


  • To be Understanding, Inquisitive, Intentional, & Living with Integrity
  • To Live Energetically & Enthusiastic with Competence & Confidence
  • To be Optimistically Motivated, Self Disciplined, Brave & Magical
  • Socially Communicative Artist with Creative Consciousness
  • Living Peacefully Minimalistic, Healthy, Honest & Strong
  • Responsible & Accomplishing Tasks through Excellence
  • Respectful, Unassuming & Open to New Perspectives
  • Living from my Heart & Loving Others
  • I’m Accepted & Respected

Strengths Rainbow Fist


  • Optimism & Creation ~ I except the best & put great effort into achieving excellent success with all I choose to manifest in life.
  • Humor & Playful ~ I’m lighthearted, love to laugh & bring joyful smiles to people faces.
  • Curiosity & Interest ~ I always question things & love to discover interesting information.
  • Observational ~ I admire beauty & excellence in life, taking time to witness the magic.
  • Love & Be Loved ~ I value relationships in which sharing & caring are harmonious.

Areas of Improvement Light Bulb

Areas I’m Improving

  • Discernment, Critical Thinking & Open-Mindedness ~ I think in detail & examine various perspectives evaluating with rational & intuitive evidence to make clear conscious decisions. I am able to change my mind when new information occurs in life.
  • Self-Control & Regulation ~ I take charge of my life to regulate what I feel & do. I am self disciplined & in control of my thoughts, appetites & emotions.
  • Diligence & Perseverance ~ I work hard to finish what I start & I get things done according to schedule. I take satisfaction in being focused & completing tasks.
Genius Genie Magic Lamp

ZONE OF GENIUS ~ Muscian Artist Painter

  • Mastery by Year 2030 ~ Ability to Critically Think & Communicate Effectively.
  • Why?~ To become a more Thoughtful Intelligent Creator of Reality.
  • How? ~ I will increase my studies & learn daily. Apply what I learn, speak more intentions & question reality.
  • Rewards ~ Satisfaction of increased intelligence, More control over my experiences & directing myself to places of positivity.

#1 GOAL – Practice Painting / Guitar

WHY? To create clarity & confidence while sharing positive ideas with the world.

Important Action Steps

  • Make it easy to access the Paint & Guitar
  • Set Block Times Each Day, Early Morning
  • Learn New Skills via YouTube
  • Share Creativity with Others
  • Use Pomodoro Timers
  • Create Rewards
Creative Artist Painting Canvas With Guitar

Man With Pencil Clipboard Checkmark List

TOP 10 GOALS for 2019 – How?

  • I consistently create videos for Youtube weekly
  • I love learning & writing articles for my blog daily
  • I create art & learn new skills from YouTube daily
  • I practice playing guitar & learn new skills daily
  • I love hosting art classes & individual lessons
  • I love selling art, going door to door consistently
  • I lead a respectful sales team who sells visionary artwork
  • I’m the leading editor of Mentalist Manifesto Magazine
  • I’m an author of a profound personal empowerment book
  • I’m an events designer producing conscious spiritual events & seminars


If I could only do one thing on this list, what would be the most important? If I could do one other task on this list, which one would be the most valuable use of my time? Keep track of progress and make adjustments along the way

  1. I live with a gorgeous girlfriend who genuinely loves my heart, mind & soul!
  2. I own QuitDrinks which helps people quit alcohol.
  3. I love hosting homelessarts.net events to help them heal, learn & create art making billions in revenue.
  4. I love owning a large modern van traveling the globe performing my arts
  5. I own a fashion line of products using visionary art from artists & myself.
  6. I learn from super intelligent mentors who teach me about business, art & spiritual enlightenment.
  7. I live in a large lovely home where I positively create conscious habits that enlighten my spirit.
  8. I’m a vibrant vlogger creating insightful videos & livesteams.
  9. I profoundly engineer CruxMagic.com to help people live more spiritual loving lifestyles.
  10. I’m rooting through reading everyday absorbing nutritional knowledge.
  11. I’m wizardry worthy everyday when I write wordy. Moments of Manifesto Magic!
  12. I write intelligent compositions and memorize them to share with the world weekly.
  13. I participate in online & physical courses to expand my mind.
  14. I show my art around the world & do live performance painting.
  15. I draw daily in my sketch pad to elevate my skills. 16. I’m a photographer who captures artistic experiences.
  16. I exercise my voice & sing daily to influence the world with positive thoughts.
  17. I design juicy jewelry with creative crystal wraps.
  18. I always set intentions for activities I engage in.
  19. I meditate daily & use my imagination to visualize my optimal life now. (Before Every Task Quick Visual Completed)
  20. I use my vision boards & maintain them daily.
  21. I create affirmation triggers for repetitive tasks.
  22. I breathe yoga daily focusing on my chakras & spiritual lifestyle – find 30 day yoga plan, stick to it.
  23. I set deadlines for projects & goals so I stay focused on accomplishing them.
  24. I love smiling to appreciate the moment every day with gratitude.
  25. I’m always generating motivation & enduring self discipline.
  26. I exercise my 20/20 eyes to have clear vision.
  27. I always receive good rest to wake up early, exercise & dance to live fit & energized daily.
  28. I eat the healthiest fruits, vegetables & foods that are spiritually energizing & enlightening.
  29. I always brush my teeth & maintain a healthy hygienic self image.
  30. I am a highly active, intelligent, inquisitive & thoughtful mind
  31. I always ask critical questions about my behaviors & feelings.
  32. I’m highly mindful & intuitive being, emotionally connected to souls, compassionate & forgiving.
  33. I’m a proactive producer persisting my ideas effectively through the habit of now.
  34. I solve problems creatively clear conscious contemplation.
  35. I’m a master marketer communicating on social media daily.
  36. I’m considerate with customers & commissions *always following up*.
  37. I’m a wealthy billionaire that manages money wisely.
  38. I connect with people to meetup & develop meaningful relationships of love & value.
  39. I have wise intelligent enthusiastic friends who love me & support my creative vision.
  40. I collaborate with communities sharing helpful conscious wisdom.
  41. I love attending seminars & networking events to connect with humanity, learn & share my views.
  42. I love my meetup group for art & personal development.
  43. I love to volunteer for causes I feel connected with to give back.
  44. I love to donate money to charities that I feel are spiritually sound.
  45. I’m an environmental activist helping the planet evolve.
  46. I own a pure health conscious food store chain.
  47. I love owning a brand of spiritual recreational healing art centers.
  48. I own a super intelligent graphic design firm that is known for quality world wide.
  49. I love owning the best quality print shop for art, stickers, pins, buttons & accessories in the world.
  50. I am grateful for giving over 10,000,000 enchroma glasses to colorblind people for free.
  51. I am a world leader participating in this enlightened revival of loving respect.
  52. I am a world renowned speaker of love, personal empowerment & service to others.
  53. I am in the public eye & respected as an intelligent speaker of consciousness.
  54. I host collaborative art events with friends in my yurt at music festivals & more.
  55. I own the best brand for music festivals around the world.
  56. I love visiting foreign places like India, Japan, Egypt, Australia, Hawaii, Rome & More!
  57. I love having a loving family with beautiful kids that we homeschool.
  58. I love owning the latest & best model of macbook pro.
  59. I love having over 25,000,000 youtube subscribers.
  60. I created a #1 hit record selling over 10,000,000 copies 63. I love to learn new languages.
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YouTube Video Camera CHANNEL PLAN – DEFINE YOUR CHANNEL What’s your channels vibe? What’s your channels v specific purpose? Who are your ideal subscribers? Who are your people?
(Refer to Channel Notes ‘Create your Ideal Subscriber’ post) What makes your channel individual / stand out? CHANNEL STANDARDS What kind of videos do you make? What will your first 3 videos be? What does your schedule look like? -How often do you upload? -When do you upload? -How do you schedule your videos? Preperation What tech stuff do you need to get started? What do you need / want to learn to make your channel super great? CHANNEL GOALS What are your 1 year channel goals? What are your 3 month channel goals? (working towards your 1 year goals) What small steps do you need to take to achieve your three month goals? CHANNEL STYLE What is your channels aesthetic / style?
(Refer to Channel Notes ‘Channel style guide’ post) OTHER PLAYERS List three youtube channels similar to yours. List three things each of these channels do really well. Channel #1 Channel #2 Channel #3 List three things each of these channels could do better. Channel #1 Channel #2 Channel #3 PROMOTION List the main ways that people are going to find your channel / videos SUCCESS How are you going to measure your channel’s success?
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