Intelligent Beliefs Perspective Paradigms Brain


I wake up each morning and automatically begin thinking about accomplishing important tasks that move me in a direction of positive growth & intelligent actions. I am constantly learning & expanding my understanding of topics of interest to become a better teacher & thoughtful creative who helps improve lives. I love reading every single day and condition my mind regularly through constant review of what I learn to become more mentally strong. I easily remember what I see & hear and am very good at recalling information quickly and accurately. I always make sure to write in my manifesto and daily design my days so that I am focused on the goals that are most important to my well being and outcomes for success!
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Earth Environmentalist Mother Earth


I wake up each morning and automatically begin thinking about accomplishing important tasks that move me in a direction of positive growth & intelligent actions. I am constantly learning & expanding my understanding of topics of interest to become a better teacher & thoughtful creative who helps improve lives. I love reading every single day and condition my mind regularly through constant review of what I learn to become more mentally strong. I easily remember what I see & hear and am very good at recalling information quickly and accurately. I always make sure to write in my manifesto and daily design my days so that I am focused on the goals that are most important to my well being and outcomes for success!
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Learning Reading Books


I love researching & reading books every day of my life so I positively progress my intelligence. It’s easy for me to retain knowledge by using mind maps to recall useful information with clarity of mind. I utilize my time wisely to absorb the content effectively to elevate my consciousness & become a more thoughtful thinker taking pleasure in growing my understanding of reality. Creating keynotes & regularly reviewing what I’ve learned helps me to engrain the lessons. I constantly learn new words every week to increase my lexicon of linguistic power becoming more influential in the world. By understanding the English language more I naturally become a better writer & communicator. I charismatically improvise what I’ve learned aloud to help me to further understand the content so I become a better speaker socially.

Journaling in my manifesto each day helps me to enhance my communication skills which increases my ability to write interesting ideas that reflect on the moments of life. I’m easily able to create mind expanding blog articles that help humanity grow in conscious intelligent love. I become more of an effective communicator because of the helpful ideas I learn through reading & online research.

I’m a good critical thinker that loves to analyze information and come to reasonable explanations of how or why things are the way they are. I’m come to truthful perspectives & remain open to new information that may or may not refute what I know to be true. I have an open mind that is curious about understanding the depths of any subject that I choose to research & learn.

I love diving deep on subjects to really absorb what is being conveyed so that I become highly knowledgeable & confident with the information so I’m easily able to educate others with what I know. As I learn more helpful insightful ideas, concepts & truths I achieve greater success. Learning is easy for me & something that I practice more each day! I create thriving learning environments to easily focus on the important activities of research & study. I’m a quick witted mind that’s able to learn rapidly while always remembering what I read.

I love watching lectures on youtube about spiritual truths that help me to expand my consciousness & develop a greater connection to the universal laws of reality. I easily find incredible videos that speak about personal development & self improving behaviors. I naturally attract quality information on YouTube that helps me to grow my intelligence.

I find the best books that improve my well being & help me to understand great practices that increase wealth, health & productivity. I enjoy reading for more than an hour each day because it fuels my mind with new ideas that help me to get more active mentally. Reading is a rewarding activity that increases my emotional levels of happiness & fun. I create time to read different books and explore what options are available to me so I make the best decisions of what I consume.

I love to question what I read & make sure I’m creating positive beliefs that promote greater actions of love within me. Taking notes effectively by highlighting the book & doing text to speech in keynotes helps me to review & create great presentations that I can use to quickly study & teach others what I learned.

I have great self disciplined behaviors that cause me to pick up books and start reading right away. I use free time throughout my day to read more pages of books. Reading a chapter of a book is quick and easy and I love doing it. Reading in the morning feels good and grows my intelligence so easily. I’m an amazing reader that enjoys good books that promote self worth, power, courage & confidence. Reading is mind expanding and I develop more neural connections & pathways in my brain because of it. I always open a book every day and learn something new. I find reading to be delightful & focus deeply on the authors message. I’m responsible for reading more & make sure that I do it consistently each day.

Be a Learning Flower as Knowledge is Power!

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Thinking Lobes Sections Of Brain


I live a life of learning always acquiring more truthful knowledge, understanding & wisdom that is helpful & good for my soul. I easily develop my higher mental faculties to easily learn & retain information that I read or hear at incredible speeds. I naturally absorb & understand information quickly when I read because I have amazing reading comprehension & intuitively interpret the message being conveyed that the author intended to be known. I amplify my aptitude with positive attitude which causes me to reach new altitudes of intelligence & love! I naturally apply lessons, strategies & helpful advice in the most optimal way creating positive healthy habits. I’m incredibly effective at speed reading while also retaining important information that is useful for my life. I quickly speed read books efficiently to increase my understanding & instantly apply the information in the most optimal way. I have intuitive speed listening, learning & reading skills that increase my brain capacity & IQ. I am able to listen to multiple conversations at once & retain all the important key information. I pick up skills quickly because my mind & body is primed to immediately absorb information that is productive for my life. My mind readily absorbs & organizes information to easily recall it perfectly for later use. I easily master skills that I put my mind & effort into developing with concentrated focus & practice. I have an acute sense of awareness & easily remember what I hear & see, effectively storing information & knowledge within my mind that I feel is good for me to know. I have access to the akashic records & unlimited information by intuitively opening my mind to it. I understand information quickly & know how to apply it productively in short periods of time. I’m full of knowledge & I am constantly gaining new power & wisdom that benefits my life & the world around me. My learning ability causes me to learn things rapidly & thoroughly! I naturally take in new beneficial ideas & achieve greater understanding. I learn new interesting & amazing things every day. I constantly read books for many hours each day to enhance my capacity of knowledge, be more thoughtful & share helpful ideas with the world. I begin my day saying affirmations by thinking positive words of intention & action always verbally speaking thoughts of creative goals that I focus on accomplishing. I am constantly manifesting words aloud that promote positive growth for my life, reminding myself to be active with my thoughts & create fresh new ideas that serve my soul health. Coming up with new spontaneous ideas & thoughts that have never been heard before are easy for me to create. I develop systems for critical thinking & utilize their power by applying those forms of understanding to my life. I wake up with powerful thoughts that move my life in a direction of increasingly productive results. My unique perspective shines light into other people’s lives in helpful holy ways. I have a great inner dialogue that is active & loud with a constant stream of positive thoughts that help me share love & happiness with others. Writing poems & songs daily to develop my creative writing skills is important to my psyche so I make sure to clearly create sentences that keep me focused on my goals & planned activities. I remember to state my affirmations many times a day to firmly engrain my truth subconsciously with repetitive thoughts that help me form great positive habits. Reading various books on interesting topics helps advance my understanding of the universe & so I always read many hours a day to increase my knowledge & literary abilities. The most powerful & intelligent books always show up in my life that serves my soul healthy enlightened knowledge that moves my being in a direction of higher conscious awareness. Reading the dictionary is fun for me & I write down all the most important definitions in my lexicon so I can memorize & apply those words to my speech on a daily basis. I make sure to read at least 5 pages a day in the dictionary to increase my vocabulary & understanding of the english language. I develop a repertoire of language that I use to affirm my reality memorizing new words & definitions to have a wider vocabulary of power. Researching new information & taking clear notes on the best nuggets of knowledge is essential to increasing my intelligence, intellect & interest in life. I easily apply what I learn to my daily experiences & utilize the most helpful advice to advance my personal & career prosperity. I’m constantly reading many different times a day to soak in knowledge & helpful information that betters my life. I highly enjoy taking frequent breaks during my day to read a chapter or two in various books. I’m a really profound public speaker with a powerful lexicon of information to share positive thoughts & ideas with people, randomly speaking sensational sounds of inspirational improvement! Being creative with my actions & speaking about what I’m doing in a more intentional way manifests better moments of productivity & success! That’s why I practice doing improv each day using my word board to be spontaneous & fresh! I increase my abilities to speak more fluently with ease & grace coming up with fresh new formulations of words that cohesively create intelligent improvements in my life. My subconscious mind is always reminding me to speak & think about what I’m doing to remain active mentally. I say my affirmations aloud over & over again with energetic force to engrain it in my head. Repeatedly writing down my affirmations over & over again with pen & paper like I did in school helps implement it into my psyche. When I am working on activities I come up with intentional thoughts that enhance the results positively. I always practice mindful magic by speaking spells of higher divine consciousness being more aware of my world. I always remind myself to keep talking about my goals & vision for life & read my affirmations laminated charts to keep focused on mentally manifesting my ideas. I constantly question my beliefs on reality & various things I see, always asking how & why to remain curious. When I’m sleeping my brain is creating neural networks to store the new information I’ve learned today. When I wake up in the morning I instantly start speaking about my vision & what I will accomplish for the day to keep my mind active & stimulated with new growth.
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Conversational Speech Bubble Crowd


I am incredibly charismatic & charming with an intelligent presence of power and persuasion. People honestly trust me & are extremely loyal to my being because I am truthful & respectful. My sophisticated classy personality & appearance are incredibly magnetic & attractive. I am a powerful influential leader with persuasive thoughts that easily inspire people in positive healthy ways. I magnetize myself to amazing people who become my true friends. I have amazing psychological intuition to easily know when people are genuinely sending good vibrations of love & peace to my being. I also instinctively understand when positive thoughts are sent to my soul and reciprocate with feelings of love & thanks. I enthusiastically enjoy public speaking with extreme social conversational confidence always feeling calm & peaceful in social situations. I am extremely confident in any situation & always know what to say, easily keeping conversations going for hours. I am comfortable & confident when attending interviews sharing my most intelligent thoughts & creative expressions. I am highly logical & speak with intelligence answering any questions easily & quickly. I effortlessly speak to large groups of people with comfort easily explaining my thoughts & ideas very articulately. It is easy for me to get my point across because I have a fun & enjoyable personality. I am a very persuasive speaker with incredible debate skills that conveys my ideas in well formulated understanding. I am an articulate expressive genius & eloquent speaker that sounds sensationally pure & powerful. Everyone I speak to is impressed with my amazing eloquence & I use words to comfort people & help them feel better. I can quickly formulate my thoughts into the right words & easily entertain people with my engaging conversations. People love to hear me talk because I am smart & witty.
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Visualization Third Eye


I love to wake up early in the morning when the sun is rising. I begin by reviewing my daily plan, goals and purpose for life. Affirming my being and who I know myself to be. Starting my day by doing yoga and exercise that stimulates my brain with oxygen and blood flow. I enjoy meditating about my present and future reality to intentionally create my life. I love to be active with content creation developing insightful videos & blog posts that help myself as well as others to create powerful positive experiences and to elevate the mind with thoughtful ideas of evolutionary spiritual growth. I enjoy doing social media marketing and sharing my ideas with the world through various online and offline platforms. I love practicing guitar learning new techniques daily to enhance my skills so I can share with the world my perspective. I love to paint art and draw daily to produce new content that helps people see love & positivity. I highly enjoy reading the most out of everything I do! It is where I find my most joy and excitement for my day. Reading is essential for my growth so I make sure to create time for it and always read when I feel bored. I also enjoy journaling and releasing my thoughts so I can see where I’m at in life and also develop my intentions for how I see my life. I am a healthy vegan who enjoys attracting and eating the most life nourishing foods that benefit my cells and higher awareness of my body, mind & soul. I am a thoughtful inquisitive person who enjoys speaking my reality when I wake up in the morning. I clearly create momentum early in the day through magic words that elevate my spirit to feel positive & productive. I’m constantly learning and expanding my knowledge to understand my being and divine nature that is powerfully influential. When I’m sleeping I am more easily suggestible from my own voice and reprogram my mind with positive affirmations that I listen to.
Spirituality Meditating Guru Yogi


I practice daily prayer with gratitude to give thanks to the creator for life. I love to meditate in the morning & use that time wisely to visualize my goals being accomplished. It’s easy for me to imagine new possibilities & expand my experiences greatly by seeing things as already achieved. I’m constantly creating quick end goal visualization affirmations that I can repeatedly perform through out my day. I easily see each day going well by acting it out beforehand preparing my mind for the best outcome possible. Yoga is a practice that I use daily to deep breathe & expand my physical body to become more flexible. I love to take breaks throughout my day to stretch doing quick salutations & asanas so that I move my energy being more fluid. I learn & memorize the names of each pose understanding clearly what parts of the body they effect and how in benefits my life. I enjoy watching yoga routines on youtube as well as reading yoga books that help me to improve my knowledge & understanding. I love wearing sexy yoga pants & feeling good about my body. Yoga is a lifestyle that promotes wellness & longevity of life so that’s why I practice many times a day to improve my quality of living. Breathing is essential for life & I continuously practice taking deep breathes that improve my levels of oxygen within my body to help increase brain activity positively. I love doing sequenced breathe patterns that are helpful to my blood & body. I have incredible lungs that are expansively growing their capacity hold more oxygen. Prana life force is filling my body with divine intelligence & creative ideas that help me to expand my reality in healthy ways. My nostrils are clear passage ways that allow oxygen to easily enter my lungs. I develop practices of focused breathing to feel more alive & energized to become more actively creative. My circulatory system is super efficient with pumping oxygen through my veins fueling my cells with powerful prana that improves my organ functions. My strong heart easily pumps oxygenated blood throughout my body & super healthy. I investigate more information about the truth of the human energy system. I research about chakras and see if it resonates with my spirit. I find information that helps me to become more aware of how to use my energy & emotions to help me grow my spiritual understanding. QiGong is important for me to learn & so I research on YouTube & in books how to better perform the techniques that help me to increase my levels of Chi Life Force. I practice QiGong every day taking in new positive flows of source energy to expand my creativity & productive actions to manifest better experiences. I highly enjoy learning various moves that are fun & healthy to perform. Playing my Gong regularly to stimulate higher frequency hydro therapy within my body is healthy for my spirit. I love to hit the instrument with patterns that promote wellness & healing. I love to also host gong sessions to groups of people to express my artistic nature & share positive wisdom of conscious creation.
Windswept Heart
Emotional Well Being Group People Smiley Faces


I appreciate each day by giving great gratitude for my incredibly exciting life which attracts more magical moments that I manifest with my mind! I’m cultivating positive healthy feelings within myself to elevate my well being to create more fulfilling enthusiastic experiences of joyful abundance & pure imagination! I’m a funny comedic character who helps people laugh hilariously with me & I easily find reasons to smile frequently by seeing the simple beauty of life. I respond to events that occur in my reality with positive words of power, courage & confidence! I focus my efforts on taking massive action to achieve my goals & live with an adventurous attitude of optimistic expressions. I easily attract healthy intelligent kind people who have wisdom & create a cooperative circle of trusting friends that positively help uplift each other emotionally. Creating a weekly schedule with goals & rewards is essential to my life. By completing tasks I’ve created for myself develops a sense of confidence & accomplishment. I always set pomodoro timers to create periodic sessions of work. This helps me to create a good work life balance so that I take time for various tasks each day making sure to spend time on other qualities I’m choosing to develop within myself. I know when to stop working on an activity when I feel like it’s time to move on to something else. I research knowledgeable information that helps me to create confidence & condition my mind with helpful ideas that serve my emotional body with pure healthy vibrations of optimistic positivity. Exercising at the gym increases my levels of health & happiness creating a well balanced physical, mental & spiritual body. Moving around improves my mood & causes me to create a personality of powerful thoughts that produces a high quality attitude about life. Visiting the gym regularly is easy for me to do because I enjoy working out my muscles to become stronger physically, look more attractive & develop a greater sense of self discipline. It’s rewarding to feel alive & the pleasure of achieving great success with a session at the gym. I always eat healthy portions of food in moderation to keep my body balanced & in great condition. Fasting is a regular part of my eating habits so that I feel more energized & alive. Painting art is very enjoyable for me to create each day & develops inner feelings of divine delight. Formulating my ideas on canvas generates enthusiastic excitement to conceive & see the final composition. I’m always left with the sensation of splendid satisfaction after a strong session of painting artwork. Painting for many hours compelIs me to progress further with my practices so I develop momentum & motivation to make more creative inspiring art. I love practicing my guitar daily by learning songs & also singing aloud to strengthen my vocals. This helps me to feel connected to the sounds of nature & my own rhythm of life. I remember to meditate every morning before doing planned activities. By taking the time to relax, breathe deeply & get into a mental state of visualization causes me to create better experiences of productive soul growth. I consistently practice yoga with qigong in the morning to stretch my body & deepen my spiritual connection with god. I always go to bed at a reasonable hour at night to get a full nights rejuvenating rest. I also wake up at an early time that is in alignment with the natural cycles of life keeping super healthy and alert for my day to live. This helps me to increase my productivity. I’m highly interested in my hygiene & frequently take showers to cleanse my body so that I look & smell sexy! Brushing my teeth is also a daily routine that I do to keep my teeth strong, healthy & white!
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Health Fitness Rainbow Running Man


I am a healthy fit being who actively goes to the gym and exercises my body to stimulate new muscle growth and increase my levels of energy. I’m making healthy choices at the grocery store that are in alignment with nature. I love eating live nourishing fruits & veggies that build strength and endurance within my body. I have an amazing well defined physique that is powerful & sexy. Ideal Nutritional Lifestyle? What do I need to do to achieve my ideal nutritional lifestyle? What is my ideal physical look? What do I need to do to achieve my ideal physical look? I am a caretaker of my existence always eating healthy organic life nourishing foods that stimulate muscle growth and healing within my body. I wake up at 5am to live with the natural cycle of the Sun and accomplish more progress each day. I attend the Gym multiple times a week to maintain a fit masculine appearance which allows me to have overflowing abundance of cosmic energy. Running is an integral part of my performance and always do it before and after I leave the Gym. I am a flexible limber athlete who spiritually practices daily yoga and stretching with prayer. I am a cleanly person who remembers to shower a few times a week and also shave my face, brush my teeth, and coconut pull daily for a good looking presence and great smelling breath. I remember to go to sleep on time every night with no excuses so that I wake up at 5am every morning energized and ready to create the day for my life’s vision.
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Art Creativity Light Bulb Group People


I enjoy painting and playing music daily always creating amazing works of art that inspires others to live greater lives. I constantly learn new techniques and schedule time to practice. I dive deep in subjects to master specific skills. I am a very intuitively creative being who practices various arts daily. I love to evolve my guitar, keyboard and gong playing skills and spend at least an hour a day playing. This means I also exercise my vocal chords and sing every day while reading from my vocab wall coming up with great freestyles. I love to paint and draw every day without excuse which allows me to progress my techniques and build a highly successful and sellable portfolio. I focus on making daily YouTube videos and Livestreaming building a huge following. I take care of my website and communicate to my audience effectively through social media marketing and my forums. This means I make at least 3 bead jewelries a day to give and sell to market my brand.
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Music Rainbow Guitar


I play guitar every day and put in long sessions of practice to become a better musician. I consistently practice my vocals to become more smooth in my sound and sing great songs I create from my own love for life. I write poems regularly to increase my vocabulary and philosophy on life. Short Term Goals – Mid Term Goals – Long Term Goals – Track Success – Timer for practice
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Social Life Crowd Group People


I have amazing friends who love and enjoy being around me, we hang out regularly to create emotional expressive experiences that manifest happiness and creativity to the world! People who are helping each other be kind and considerate of others. I receive phone calls from people who think I’m interesting and fun to hang out with who show me the light joyful side of life. I meet new people who share intelligent truthful knowledge and wisdom that helps me evolve my consciousness. I meet like minded people who are creative artists and musicians that also live with the vision of helping the plant be nicer. I call people daily to catch up or arrange dates to hang out and create, learn & share good vibrations of love and respect. I have very close intimate relationships with kind hearted souls who enjoy my presence and are purely peaceful.
Hearts Love Divider Art 43 1
Relationship Building Light Bulb


I create meaningful relationships that serve each other positive healthy growth & expansive love that about clear communication. People that support my goals and help me to achieve greater success in life. What kind of person do you enjoy spending time with? How can you be this person to others? Set times to call people & set up dates for hanging out.——– I surround myself around people who uplift my soul with their positive thoughts and vibrations which help me grow to higher realms of consciousness. Attracting astonishingly delightful friends who fill their lives with love in all realms of creation. My friends are self-aware and emotionally balanced who thrive on meaningful relationships. We enjoy intimate touch and sensual affection with many hugs and kisses to go around. I highly enjoy caressing and feeling my friend’s energies, connecting deeply with people on emotional levels that are soul satisfying. My circle is friendly to everyone while having a great sense of humor and are able to express ourselves in warm playful ways that bring about happiness and laughter. We care about our bodies, relishing in being vegans who eat life nourishing foods that generate health and illuminate our lives. Honoring clean lifestyles absent of weed, alcohol and swearing. Expressively fearless people able to let go of grudges, hate and petty situations by forgiving others through shinning our own inner light and love to all those around us. We communicate and solve differences through meaningful conversations on deep topics about life. We love to apologize for our mistakes, using them as tools to leverage ourselves to higher states of love and compassion. Our friends are spiritually in tune with divine energies who enjoy doing group meditations and yoga together. Creating sacred spaces for sound healing and heart to heart connections that build bonds that last lifetimes. We are artistic magicians that express all sorts of talents such as playing musical instruments, singing, painting and more. We enjoy throwing conscious events for the World planning divine gatherings that explore the creative potential of human existence. I have tremendously intelligent friends who contain vast amounts of knowledge on crystals and various healing modalities. We are adventurous open minded souls who are trust worthy, honest and dependably loyal to each other at our hearts core. Confidently charming spirits who consistently drive our lives with enthusiastic attitudes of loving compassion and optimistic persistence of our visions and goals with an extreme gratitude for life. Highly imaginative forward thinkers who advance humanity forward with our innovative problem solving and charismatic communication skills that clairvoyantly evolve consciousness. Competent teammates who cooperatively lead, follow and improve the collective whole by dynamically working together in a connected and supportive manner. We are Ethically reliable creatives who are profoundly analytical geniuses who know how to listen clearly and adaptively collaborate on projects with decisive detail oriented precision. Courageously having the passion to always improve through self-discipline and willpower. We are extremely organized with networking and marketing skills that are astronomically advanced. Articulate versatile visionaries who make responsibly wise choices to serve the World with honorably peaceful integrity and humble considerate respect for all living creatures. Philanthropists who enjoy giving back to society and also inspire and encourage others to attain their highest dreams by being helpful, kind, nurturing, polite & sincere. We are Prepared, Punctual and Patient people who are proactively planning the future for ourselves and the generations to come. Some of the types of people included in our circle of friends include Musicians, Artists, Astrologers, Fashion Designers, Models, Public Speakers, Life Coaches, Yoga Instructors, Personal Trainers, Marketers, Sales People, YouTube Creators, Bloggers, Writers, Lawyers, Accountants, Bankers, Politicians, Actors, Athletes, Climbers, Photographers and much more! They all enjoy being great dressers and love transforming the fashion industry to an era of extreme innovation and growth, bringing uniqueness
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Spiritual Soulmate Couple Love


My beautiful companion is an intelligent artistic, creative & communicater. Musically talented and a great singer. What is your ideal life partner like? Where can you find him/her? How can you get to know him/her? 3 years? 5 years? 10 years?
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Ideal Home Life Mushroom House


My ideal home is a large spacious house located in a beautiful landscape out in the middle of nature large expansive forests near by and streams of water rushing down a mountain side with a great view that can see for miles where I can watch beautiful vibrant sunrises and sunsets daily. Where animal life comes up to the house regularly and I live with lovely cats that can roam free outdoors. What do you need to do to achieve your ideal home?
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World Travel Luggage Bags


I enjoy traveling on the open road with friends and loved ones who support my life going to different cities, states and countries exploring various cultures.

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Career Success Plan Path Of Achievement


I am an artist that creates inspirational works of art that emits ideas of positive vibrational healing & subconscious change within the people who look at my artwork. I’m an intelligent genius who knows how to market and sell my art as well as other products & services that help others. I paint every day to increase my skills as a painter. I actively find events to display my products to the world and share my positive views with those who I come in contact with. I constantly learn new business tatics to increase my sales & productivity. I work diligently on my online presence and actively communicate on social media.
Floral Laurels Divider Art 13
Wealth Money Prosperity


I am constantly seeing new opportunities to make increased levels of financial gains. I attract great experiences that cause me to sell easily & feel good about my career. I love money because it brings with it the ability to enhance my vision & goals for the world incredibily fast. I love giving & receiving cash by creating healthy exchanges of value to others. Money is helpful & very useful to help people see more positive expressions of my soul. I’m a conduit of currency that receives a flowing abundance of money with ease which allows me to actively and passively increase my wealth at extreme speeds. I absolutely adore money and it comes to me with no effort because the Universe always provides. I enjoy being highly payed for my talents and products in all of my business ventures. I find money in expected and unexpected ways naturally through amazing opportunities that show themselves to me daily. I’m a genius marketer who knows how to find new angles to promote and advertise my businesses. I’m truly a money manifesting magnet open to receiving an infinite supply of financial abundance. It’s so much fun to accept payments and see the appreciation from my customers from the value I bring to their lives. Making money makes me so excited and I know how to manage it well by creating intelligent budgets that allow me to overview my income with clarity. I’m very good at conserving and utilizing money to the fullest extents. I’m a highly intelligent investor able to see positive market trends that I’m able to capitalize on and increase my wealth. When it comes to business I know how to be creative and fuel the productivity with wise cash expenditures. I have very conscious kind loving trustworthy accountants in my businesses that help me grow and manage my money easily so I can spend more time on the important tasks that I love. I also have very honorable trustworthy lawyers who have the same vision for the World as I do and are working with me in a supportive positive light. I attract the best kinds of people who help fuel my businesses and grow them with immense speed. I’m building a network of likeminded empolyees who share the same goals and vision as I do, a circle of trust and respect that values people as worthwhile beings, dedication to our crafts, will power to produce results & Evolutionary World Change in the Light of Peace & Love. I live with wealth & prosperity always attracting healthy conscious cash which flows to me with ease. I easily attract wealth & treasures in abundance always finding the best trinkets & valuables that I can use to increase my income. I randomly find large amounts of money in various expected & unexpected forms of exchange. I have incredible magnetism for wealth & money easily attracting customers & clients that increase my cash flow. I have immense wealth and live a luxurious lifestyle. I have incredible success with money, wealth & finding hidden treasures. The right opportunities always come to me at the right time & more money always finds its way into my life.
Hearts Love Divider Art 6

Contribution Presents Blue Gifts


I enjoy giving great ideas and positive actions to the world through the forms of my letters, donations & positive advice. Creating great events where people learn and love each other. I am an evironmental activist who speaks up for mother earth and the animals that inhabit the world.

Art Deco Elegant Divider Art 33

Entertainment Fun Party Hat


I enjoy going out to music events and other social gatherings that are positive and creative. I love doing things out in nature such as climbing mountains and going to parks where I can observe animal life with friends. I find new exciting opportunities to explore the world and the various activities that can be had.

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