Soulful Life Vision!


          Namaste! Leo Mystic Magic here! I’m an artist empowering you to live, love & laugh passionately by virtue of my soul expanding art & music! A thoughtful poet sharing enlightened knowledge & wisdom to help you manifest magical moments & meaning in your life! I help inspire people to live with more enthusiasm & creative loving expression by vocalizing great ideas & recording videos. I’m Impacting & Improving lives while fulfilling my purpose as a healer creating spiritual products & services that help you grow & expand your awareness of divine love, respect & understanding that we are a healthy clean environment of peaceful positive prosperity.

          I live to organize generous events & create meaningful heartwarming relationships that help people personally development their lives & spiritually evolve with love. I work with supportive successful leaders & gracious givers sharing this experience of life! I am constantly learning & expanding my mindful spirit by attending educational events, reading books, & engaging with coaches & courses increasing my positive progress in all areas of my life. I wake up each morning with zeal in my soul to grow my knowledge & skills giving back to the world great innovations & positive paradigms that serve humanity a healthy conscious awareness of our divine nature, helping people intelligently set goals & create the life of their dreams.

          I experience a life of willpower with authentic fun-loving creative souls who give great gratitude to God, living for adventure & aliveness having a deep everlasting spiritual connection to love by living compassionate truth. My purpose is to live a lifestyle of thoughtful meaning & extraordinary experiences which bring happiness & loving friendships of positive growth! Being a part of a heartwarming spiritual community of elevating friends who help support each other’s visions to become their best positive version. Being a profound spiritual teacher awakening society on a globally grand scale bringing forth peaceful positive change & conscious awareness through respect, honesty, compassion & the kindness that I know exists in the world! A proud participator of the planet giving greatness for generations to come, a leader leaving a legacy of love that inspires the world. Because my life will be about how many lives I’ve affected & not that status of how many things I’ve accumulated. Experiencing the adventure of becoming more impressive through diligence, dedication & discipline. Creating authentic satisfying stories that shine a light on imagination & the possibilities of the human spirit. Enthusiastic about my life being a role model & a force for good being remembered for my contributions & creativity of life. Being beautiful & having an absolute blast!

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